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Fourteen-year-old Kiyoshiro Nakatsukasa silently strolled down the road, carrying something long wrapped in a silk white cloth on his back. The sun was set, and he was close to his home. He did not mind the coldness of the coming night, despite that he only wear a longsleeved gray shirt and black jeans.

Museful as always, he listened intently to the gentle wind that blew upon his shadow black hair.

'You are almost there...Keep going...Nothing can stop you from going back home...'

Kiyoshiro smiled. With the message he received, he was assured that he can see his home...his friends...

...And Holly.

'...Back to the one whom you love the most...'

Now his trip to and from Salem was all worth it. He was sent to that city to help his comrades defeat Spectres who have been plaguing the place. And even if it took an entire week, Kiyoshiro was just happy that he could finally go back to Crystal Town.

"Nothing could stop me now, all right." He muttered.

Kiyoshiro suddenly stopped. He looked around, first at the big trees that almost overshadow the empty path he was walking. Then, he looke up, at the night sky filled with stars and glared at the full moon which served as his light in the middle of the darkness.

"They've been roaming around again," Kiyoshiro spoke calmly, but he was so annoyed.

He removed the silk covering of the object he was carrying. It was a longsword in a smooth, dark scabbard of dark leather.

"You want this?" Kiyoshiro pulled the scabbard away, revealing a beautiful sword. It was made from a special dark metal. Its blade was sharp on both edges, and it has intricate engravings of Vedic chants in mysterious Sanskrit letters.

"Go on."

Quick-moving, blade wielding human skeletons suddenly appared out of nowhere. With the strange dark aura they bore, Kiyoshiro did not need to see well in the dark to fight them. He has been taught by his father to fight without looking at his enemy, and so he was confident that he could easily defeat the creatures before him.

        The creatures did not think twice, if Kiyoshiro had thought that they have brains, and they surrounded him and attacked. Kiyoshiro lifted up his sword, and glanced at his enemies.

"You might have no idea," He mumbled.

"Of the greatness of the Devil's Force..."

       He hurled the sword, and a great wind blew the skeletons away. Moving with great, almost superhuman speed, Kiyoshiro began slashing them one by one. He defeated six enemies in a short while; he has to fight the other six remaining. One of them lunged at him, but Kiyoshiro's sword blazed suddenly, and burned it as it touched its blade.

       As the remaining skeletons were about to attack, Kiyoshiro raised his sword, as if he was about to stab the ground.

"Asura Blade!" He shouted. "Let these monsters feel the fire of hell."

       The Vedic engravings on the blade of his sword gleamed, blazing with fire. Kiyoshiro thrusted the sword on the ground. Large cracks emerged, showing blazing magma underneath. Black blades suddenly came out from each crack, stabbing a skeleton from below.

"It's done." Kiyoshiro said quietly.

      He pulled the sword and placed it back into the scabbard. He stared at what were supposed to be piles of bones on the road; to his surprise he saw none.

"Brilliant, brilliant!"

      Alarmed, Kiyoshiro pulled out his weapon again. This time a young man with golden hair and blue eyes stood at the center of the road, leaning against a black Merc. He looked like an urban guy, with his stylish and expensive-looking suit.

"So that's the power of the Asura Blade." Ha said while clapping his hands in a carelessly elegant manner.

      Kiyoshiro lowered his sword, and stared at the young man seriously. He looked normal, except that his skin seemed extremely pale white, and his blue eyes give an eery twinkle. Kiyoshiro thought he sense death in him...

'No,' He thought. 'It is the scent of blood...'

"You're not a human." He said.

"My," The young man smiled, with his lips closed. " You're smart." He straightened up, standing away from the car.

"You are correct. Let me introduce myself first, by the way." He bowed gently before Kiyoshiro.

"My name is Patrick Clancey, and it's my pleasure to meet a powerful young warrior like you."

"What are you doing here?"

"What?" Patrick looked at him, his eyebrows did a devilish dance.

"What kind of question is that, to be asked by a faerie?"

      Kiyoshiro's eyes widened.

"So you know--"

"Of course, my boy. Every creature differs in their scent. It isn't hard to know that you have the blood of a Dark Faerie."

"What are you, to be exact?"

      Patrick raised an eyebrow and smiled sarcastically.

"Oh, so you can only know if a creature isn't a human?" He chuckled as he strode towards Kiyoshiro.

"Poor you. You can't even identify a supernatural being like me."

      All of a sudden, he was already standing a few meters behind him. Kiyoshiro turned around, amazed but did not show any look of surprise.

"I may not have superhuman senses, but I am not dumb." Kiyoshiro carried the Asura Blade over his shoulder.

"Good." Patrick smiled widely, revealing sharp white fangs.

      Kiyoshiro smiled, his eyes twinkling in delight. Although he hates it when he couldn't go home early, he would love to pierce his blazing weapon into the unbeating heart of a vampire.

"Come over here," he said softly. "I would like to slay you, since you should already be dead long ago."

      Patrick smiled, and made a step forward. After just a second, he was already having a battle with the young swordsman.


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